Sonia is the designer, creator & owner of Sonia.1000 shades, a home-based handmade jewelry brand. She had a passion for art since childhood and grew up with encouragement to be as creative as possible. Her jewellery career began in the year 2018 after quitting her job in the advertising field so she could take care of the needs of her family . Her childhood dream of pursuing her creativity came to life from the interests she received at her 2 exhibitions in 2018 & 2019 which encouraged her for her business venture Sonia,1000 shades . Her creations range from casual to party wear for all age groups.

She attributes the success of her brand to God's grace. A self taught artist every piece of the collection is uniquely handcrafted by her. In Sonia's words " I love what I do and I make each & every piece of jewellery with a lot of imagination, dedication, care & heartful love.  Hope you will like my creations & support me.I strongly believe, For with God nothing shall be impossible - Luke 1:37"

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Neha Gill

Neha Gill is a professional social worker working for an anti-human trafficking organization. Her love for various kinds of artwork, from drawing to creating handicraft work led her to self-teach herself Mandala art.  India where Neha lives has a rich culture and a diversity of various art designs like Mandala and Warli Paintings. Her passion and hobby have always been learning one of these art forms to create new, fresh designs of her own.To balance out the intense work. while also serving in her role as mother and wife, creating art was her relaxing and calming outlet. She started creating new designs on the weekends to divert her mind from work stress. Her friends from Church motivated her to start selling her products and artwork as they saw the potential. Neha hopes to share her talents by teaching women interested in learning art and drawing in the future.

In her quest to create new, fresh, and relevant handmade designs and products Kainos Creative Studio was born. Kainos is derived from the Greek word "new or fresh," which sums up her artwork.

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Min Jung Hwang

Min Jung Hwang is a Pastor’s Wife and homeschool mom of four creative children. Over the years, her love of expressing her Scripture meditation into hand-lettering and strokes of the paintbrush has bloomed into a passion to bring the beauty and power of God’s Word, through art, to homes and blank walls everywhere. With a special heart for mothers and children, Min emphasizes the essential role of moms in cultivating a Christ-centered, Gospel-infused home atmosphere, and diligently serves to provide encouragement and the resources to do so through her artwork, writing, speaking, nonprofit ministry, and social media spaces.

Follow Min on Instagram @min.j.hwang and join her email family via

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Rachel Christian

Rachel Christian has always loved colors and embroidery. since childhood. Her roots are from India where hand embroidery is used to create amazing articles. The love of the craftsmanship involved in creating beautiful embroidery inspired her to create her line of handmade, hand-embroidered bags and crafts.

During Coivd 19 when all of us were going through hard times, she realized she needed to do something which can take her out of the dark times. Her admiration of handmade bags and embroidery turned into a business and gave her a purpose to glorify her God Lord Jesus Christ. Her prayer is that these beautiful bags and articles will help everyone to feel his presence and inspiration to follow him.

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Nadene Esterhuizen

Nadene is an artist and veteran  teacher and has over 23 years as a homeschool teacher. Art is her passion and she loves creating detailed illustrations, outline designs, watercolour, gouache and mixed media art. As a Christian, her illustrations have appeared in church magazines and inspirational Christian art. Educators and homeschool parents have downloaded the professional educational eBooks and downloads at her website - Practical Pages. She will turn your ideas into wonderful, creative art. 

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Shoba Kuruvilla - India

Introduing Shoba who loves: Purple. Crafting. Traveling. Reading. Researching. Teaching.

In her words "These are some of my passions in life. But my love for creating things with my creatively messy brain has never seen a dull day. My business began when my church couldn't find good gifts for visitors and they encouraged me to work on something. I still remember the first fridge magnets I made - Pure joy! And that's where the story of Crafted by Shobs began.

I love the process of creating, designing, trying, failing and working it all out. I'm truly grateful for those who help build my small business."

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